Monday, April 20, 2009

Keyword Research Tips

When I first started blogging for SEO, my clients would usually give me the keywords that they wanted me to use. In many instances they seemed to be very poorly researched, but I simply did the work the way that my clients wanted it done. It is tricky to try to tell someone that their preferred term gets zero searches per month when they are trying to come across like an expert.

Eventually, I entered into some relationships of trust with a few clients and I was able to research and select my own keywords. In one instance I was contracted to create the meta tags for hundreds of product and category pages, and in so doing I was able to research practically every product on the site. When I was subsequently asked to write product descriptions I knew all of the relevant keywords and I was able to create content with elegant keyword continuity throughout the site.

I use Google Adwords Keyword Tool and I like to look for low competition keywords that get a good number of searches. I would rather see my client place first in the SERPs for a term that gets 3,000 searches per month than wind up on page 17 for a term that gets 2 million searches. That is a factor that many people don't consider. When you do the research creatively you find some surprising terms that you would never have considered on your own. But the nice thing is, nobody else considered them either, so you have a viable term that gets a solid volume of searches with little or no competition for it.

We put in a lot of effort for our clients and do everything that we can to exceed their expectations. If you are looking for someone to do some keyword research for your site and write or revise your product descriptions, we would love to hear from you.

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