Saturday, May 16, 2009

SEO Content Provider You Like Working With

One of the reasons that a lot of us work on the Internet is because we didn't like the rigidity and hierarchy of corporate structure. Personally, I always felt that the companies that I worked for were grossly inefficient, and all of the wrong people seemed to be in leadership positions. If those sound like the words of someone who was "disgruntled," well, we now know that the largest corporations in the world have been grossly mismanaged for decades. They are insolvent and now depend on the tax dollars of "disgruntled" people like me (who carry no debt) for their survival. But I digress.

I provide quality content, and I do it quickly and efficiently. If you know what keywords you want to use for SEO, I'll be glad to use those. If you don't, I'll be glad to do your keyword research for you. I have no interest in wasting your time, bending your ear over the phone, or sending you countless e-mails. The way I like to work is like this: you tell me what you need, and I deliver it when you need it. The quality is always there, and I know this because my clients say so.

My point is that I understand how business is done on the web, and I am low key and efficient. I get things done and it is turn-key for you, no hassles, no interruptions, no need for edits and multiple reiterations of exactly what it is that you need. I'm a genuinely nice guy who is easy to get along with, and I care a great deal about the quality of my work. As a result, my content comes from a voice of integrity and sincerity that inspires consumer confidence.

I can write on any topic intelligently, and from reading the existing content that you have, I can gain an understanding of what you are going for and then use my talents to optimize your original intentions. My job is to make your site or blog sparkle from a content perspective, and quality content wins the trust of potential customers.

If you "get" where I'm coming from with this post, drop me an email or give me a call and let's develop a relationship so that you can get top quality content whenever you need it with no hassles and no unnecessary demands on your valuable time.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free Web Content!

Here at Internet Content Providers, we like to joke around and have a good time, but we take one thing very seriously: the quality of our content. We have yet to have a client that was not satisfied with our content, and we suck at just about everything else, so it is not arrogant to say that we really do deliver great content in a very timely manner.

We are so certain that you will like the content that we write for you we are going to make you an offer you can't refuse. For a limited time we will provide one free 300 word article on the topic of your choice (a $20 value). All we ask is that you consider our services in the future if you like the free content.

Free stuff is good, right? We are giving away free, unique 300 word articles to the first ten people who respond, so if you snooze and you are the 11th respondent, you lose and get no free content. Click the link below and shoot us an email with your topic, keywords (if you want us to use keywords) and the URL that points to your site, and we will reply with the free content attached. The Content Dude must have lost his mind, but there you have it:

Free web content from Internet Content Providers.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Why is Quality Content Important?

I have been a creative writer all of my life, and that is a tough way to make a living. So the possibility that I could support myself by providing content was quite appealing. I get to do what I am truly talented at and what I enjoy doing for a living, and the client benefits from the fact that I am more than a "content provide," I am in fact a creative writer who is adapting my skills to this milieu.

I think that people who are truly savvy and who care about the long term viability and growth potential of their site realize that they need to have solid content. But it looks to me as though many smaller businesses who don't have a lot of experience with an Internet presence are sold on the notion that only the keywords are seen by the Google bots and that is all that matters.

I was born in America, so I speak and write in English as my primary (and only) language. I respect people from other countries who speak languages other than English, and not to offend my peers on the techie side, but perhaps a solid program can be developed by someone who doesn't speak English all that well. I think that Americans should support domestic IT professionals as well, and the fact that we don't support one another is the biggest reason for the economic collapse (but that is another story). However, when it comes to writing in the English language, when you pay someone from another country half of what an American could accept, you are not building your business on a solid foundation.

There was a time recently when I got frustrated by all of the outsourcing costing me work, and I looked at the Craig's List ads for writing work in India. I got in contact with an Indian guy who needed content. He was willing to pay seventy five cents for five hundred words, with research necessary. He will then sell it to American business people for just a little bit less than an educated and experienced American content provider can. But the reality is that the content that he is going to sell you will be horrible, and people won't be able to buy your products because their jobs are going to India and they have no money to spend!

Shopping on the Internet offers many advantages to the consumer, such as point-and-click convenience and the ability to comparatively shop without leaving their chair. If there is one snag, it is consumer confidence. Are these guys for real? Will I actually receive what I order? Quality content, as well as quality design, boosts consumer confidence. When you can see that the people behind the enterprise are committed, intelligent, and that they value quality, you feel much more confident making a purchase from them.

These are just a few thoughts on the topic of why one should engage the services of a quality content provider. Look for more in the future, and if you need content, please peruse the examples on this blog and the comments from my satisfied clients and drop me an email or give me a call.