Friday, June 19, 2009

Content by a Native English Speaker

The root cause of the American economic collapse is globalization, which takes jobs from Americans and leaves us competing with people from other countries who can live well on $100 a week (or in many cases much less). I want to keep it real, and if I lose a client or two by speaking my mind here, well, so be it. I think that we should make a point of giving work to people who live here in America, even if it costs a little bit more to do so. It is the socially responsible thing to do, but there is another factor at play that many people never consider.

When you make "money saving" decisions that put people out of work, your own business will suffer in the long run. Why? Because unemployed people can't buy your product or service. That is why layoffs as a response to an economic downturn are asinine. If a centralized government was to bail out anyone at all it should be the rank and file, not the top executives. The workers spend. The top execs invest outside of the United States.

If a business is going to make money in America, a plurality of Americans need to have money to buy your goods or services. Either that, or you can incur incredible amounts of corporate debt, pay yourself a huge salary and bonuses with that borrowed money, and then get free money from your cronies in the government to stay afloat when your company goes belly up. Of course, your personal compensation is "yours to keep" regardless of the company's failure. That's great work if you can get it, but most of us cannot.

So when you buy content from a company in India, you are helping to sink the American economy. But you also hurt yourself, because I can't buy your stuff if you don't buy mine.

There is another reason why you should buy your content from native English speakers. Consumers care about quality content. When you can't see the people running the store, and you don't even know where the store is located, you might be reluctant to take the plunge and buy something online. The content on your site is your voice, your online persona. If it sounds like the person who wrote your content doesn't understand the English language very well, what signal are you sending to your visitors? If you don't care about quality content, why would you be expected to care about quality products, services, or best practices when handling sensitive customer information?

I have nothing against people from other countries. I just feel as though I would like to support my own here in the country where I was born. The uneven playing field in terms of what a dollar will buy here versus India or many other countries makes it impossible for an American to compete in terms of price, so it is up to all of us to do the right things and support one another. The politicians only have plans for publicly held corporations who lose hundreds of billions of dollars. They impose no tariffs or disincentives on foreign companies who have unfair advantages, and they have no free millions or billions for you or me.

I encourage everyone to patronize other independent American businesses and recognize that we all have a responsibility to one another. By all means look for quality goods or services at a fair price...but recognize the realities of the cost of living here in our homeland versus that of China or India.

If you feel as though what I am saying makes sense, and you need some quality content written by a native English speaker, please drop me an email. We'll be more than glad to provide your site with a voice of clarity and integrity and treat you the way that we like to be treated when we are the customer.

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