Monday, June 29, 2009

Links to 34 Social Networking Sites

We recently posted about the value of social networking for Internet marketing and search engine optimization. User generated content is a beautiful thing, and social networking communities are quite elegant in the way that they populate themselves.

There is no shortage of social networking sites, and they are all interesting and useful in their own right. We have compiled a list of 34 links to some of the top social networking sites to share with you. There is a Wikipedia page that has these and more listed without links, but here is a nice compilation of the most popular social networking sites in one place.

Even if you only feel as though you have the time to participate in a limited number of networks, it is good to visit all of these if you are interested in e-commerce and Internet marketing so that you understand what's out there. And of course you always learn something whenever you seek, right? (music) (books) (endurance athletics) ("..Facebook for your virtual personas") (general social networking) (music/culture) (moms) (healthy and green living) (college life) (art) (baby Boomers) (travel social networking) (general social networking) (photo sharing) (online bar-happy hour) (article, video, picture sharing) (genealogy) (music, video) (general social networking for teens) (business networking) (blogging) (business networking)
http://www.MySpace (general social networking) (general social networking) (blogging) (aggregator) (micro-blogging) (business networking) (general social networking) (business networking) (artistic community) (mico-blogging) (mico-blogging) (blogging) will use the latest search engine optimization strategies to get your site to the top.

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  1. Thanks for this list. Another social network site to check out is Goals/Resolutions Interactivity that promotes successful pursuit of life goals.