Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quality Web Content: 10 Writing Tips

10.) Don't rely on spellchecker features.

Most of us have been bitten by this and probably don't need the reminder, but when you type "that dog over there id cute" instead of "that dog over there is cute" you are not providing quality content. (Unless perhaps you are on some kind of canine psychology tip.)

9.) Be very humble.

The more you think that you know it all and you make no mistakes, the less you will learn and the more mistakes you will make.

8.) Listen to music when you are writing. Preferably music without words, like jazz.

Why? Because music makes us happy and good words come to happy people. I recommend instrumental tunes because music with words can conflict with trying to find your own.

7.) Look back at your writing with a critical eye.

You may notice an error...but better than that, you may notice that you are pretty damned good. You can't get far without confidence (and talent).

6.) Look up everything obsessively.

Never guess about correct grammar or citing of fact. If you aren't sure about something, look it up. Not just because it is the professional thing to do, but perhaps more importantly, because looking stuff up is how you learn and get better.

5.) Don't write content if you don't like doing it.

If you don't enjoy writing, and you do it for some other reason...do yourself a favor and find something that you like doing.

4.) Recognize that using key terms elegantly takes time and care.

Don't throw in the towel and write junk in order to use your terms.

3.) If you can't write, don't.

Don't try to write professionally in a language you don't understand completely. And that goes double if you are a native English speaker who doesn't write very well.

2.) Pay painstaking attention to detail.

Providing error-free content is huge. To err is human...but unacceptable.

1.) Take pride in your work.

If you take a lot of pride in your work, people will surely notice!

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