Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SEO Quake: Free SEO Tool With Firefox AND Internet Explorer Versions

I have been using SEO for Firefox for quite a while, and I definitely recommend the tool. It is kind of hard to write about free SEO tools, because some people will yawn like, yeah dude, tell me something I don't know. But others might find these tips to be useful, so...if you are not familiar with SEO for Firefox, check out the YouTube vid below:

I came across another tool the other day called SEO Quake, and it does for the most part what SEO for Firefox does, like tell you how many backlinks sites that you visit have, their Google Page Rank, SERPs, etc. One thing about SEO Quake that definitely makes it worth putting out there is the fact that there is an Internet Explorer version as well as a Firefox version.

When you can see all of these parameters when you visit a web site it is like seeing another dimension behind the scenes. I don't usually dig as deeply as you can as a matter of course with every site I visit, but when you are analyzing sites from an SEO perspective these free tools are invaluable.

By the way, you have to respect the fact that I am recommending free SEO tools that will show you that this blog is very new. But, perhaps unfortunately, the content dude is not very new at all, so you can trust that my content has the polish and SEO understanding that comes with a good bit of experience.

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