Friday, June 26, 2009

SEO Tip: Working Improves Productivity

When you are building an SEO content business, or any search engine optimization or Internet marketing enterprise, you need to look for every edge that is available to you. Most of us have our ears to the ground, doing a lot of social networking and invariably picking up all sorts of SEO tips and trends, and that is how it should be. Web 2.0 is about interactivity and information sharing, and being open and receptive to new concepts as they take shape and subsequently evolve is all part of the experience.

With that in mind, I have been engrossed in a compelling study concerning productivity in the workplace. Here at Internet Content Providers we are of course in the the business of web content and search engine optimization, but this study is relevant to all businesses. The Department of Labor has made a truly stunning discovery, and we would all do well to take heed: working at work actually increases productivity.

"Our findings are astounding: By simply sitting down and doing work, employees can dramatically increase their output of goods and services. In fact, 'working' may revolutionize the way people work." said Charlotte Ponticelli, spokesperson for the Department of Labor.

Apparently, when control groups applied their focus and concentration on a task for which they were receiving monetary compensation, their productivity exceeded that of other groups who were tasked with the responsibility of doing nothing.

This is certainly food for thought. Here at Internet Content Providers, we are always looking for any competitive edge that we can find, and we will most certainly consider the possibility that work may indeed enhance output.

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