Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cheesy Twittering

I know that there are people who (apparently) make a lot of money by using bots on Twitter for spam marketing, but to me, that sucks. The whole practice of spam-botting in general sucks, but I am going to stick to Twitter here.

Let me state this disclaimer: this is a vent. Nobody will care that I wrote this, and nothing well change because I wrote it. But the Dude of Content needs to keep it real, and he swims below the surface (a surface that is often times muddled with Kahlua, but I digress).

People who are shamelessly always trying to make a buck on every Twitter post are almost as bad as those who use the bots. It shows such a lack of real integrity and class that it is amazing, but here is the rub, and it permeates our entire culture: C.R.E.A.M., as the great Wu Tang Clan recognized so many years ago. Regardless of what you do to make money, be it violent, ruthless, unfair, unethical, illegal, or just sadly cheesy like the Twitter spammers, it doesn't matter. You have succeeded. That is our culture.

You can ruin formerly good things, and nobody cares, as long as you emerge with money (and power)--like Twitter--and you can just call yourself an "Internet entrepreneur" and people will not only not think you're wack, they will climb under your capstone. (There are bigger things that conform to this same principle, like governments, corporations, religions, and professional sports teams, but this is about Twitter dammit : > )

So when you choose to not be a dick and ruin things, you don't get any of the money. But if you join in the wackness, you lose your soul, either on a pretty deep level because you consciously chose to do so, or to a lesser extent because you were too shallow to have much or any soul in the first place.

All of this is what makes a man become a Dude, which to me means that you recognize that life in this culture we call modern America is a parody that makes no sense. Time for a White Russian...

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