Sunday, July 12, 2009

Corporate Content Sucks

I have always been an unconventional thinker, and I have never trusted cookie-cutter "normalcy." I like interesting people who keep it real. I feel the same way about businesses. Unfortunately, the business landscape is dominated by corporations who have no personality or tangible substance. They are not people who happen to sell a product or service. They are soulless entities with only one aim: profit for their shareholders. This shows in their content.

As a potential customer, I can get just about anything from many different sources. What would convince me to buy from you would be the value you were offering me of course, but then I would consider whether you seemed cool to me. I would also try to get a feel for how you treated your employees. I like to support peeps who are nice, smart, positive, aware, and trying to be part of the solution, as it were, rather than contributing to the problem. What is the "problem?" Being fake, phony, shallow, disingenuous, greedy, and willing to do or say anything for a buck.

It seems to me as though people could have a lot of fun and allow their own unique personalities to shine while they are earning a living. Being yourself, however, is not "professional." The idiocy that is the necktie tells the story here. Why would anyone choose to wear a tight collar around their neck and then wrap this ridiculous piece of fabric around it? It seems like this custom is telling you that in order to "look professional," you have to feel uncomfortable. Clearly, when it comes to work and doing business, we are conditioned to believe that we must become some sort of amalgam of what "officialdom" expects from us. But who started all of this convention, and who put them in charge?

I think that the wave of the future is transparency and genuine communication (and no neckties). Lying and twisting the truth in an effort to make a sale is lame. None of that works on me. What would get my attention is a human voice of intelligence, wit, and good humor that honestly explained what was being offered and why I should buy it from that source.

Corporations are not real people. The people who work for corporations are not real people either (while they are working)--they become a projection of the corporation's expectations. So even though the corporate voice is not real, it has become the standard that the rest of us tend to mimic.

What would get my attention is a site that has content that is speaking to me like a real person (like this one). But the opposite is true for most people. They "trust" slickness and corporate jargon. So the Content Dude will continue to wait patiently, and in due time, the tie-less shall inherit the earth.


  1. This isn't a comment about this post per se, though that very last bit "the tie-less shall inherit the earth" really got me in a few different ways.

    No, this is just a bravo on the blog. I've enjoyed all of your articles, find them inspiring and, well, personable.

    Just beginning in the internet marketing field really and there are so many methods, philosophies and much advice to find. But this site, well, all I can really say is bravo. You are on the top of my list. I've really enjoyed reading and learning from every post you submit.


  2. Thanks very much, I do appreciate your kind words, they mean a lot. I tried not keeping it real and that didn't work, so, what the hell, let's try something new, right?