Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Internet Content Providers: Just Content, No B/S

When you are an Internet bullshit artist, perception is everything. But when you are a quality Internet content provider, the thing that matters is how well you write, your understanding of SEO, and your ability to provide your clients with quick turnaround times. The Content Dude enjoys his White Russians, and he does indeed place an emphasis on bowling, womanizing, and the occasional Cuban cigar, but in the end, the cat lives for content.

There is something to be learned from the Content Dude's approach to writing. He doesn't write to please his clients at all. He doesn't write things that are "just good enough," either. The Dude writes to please himself. Whether he is writing about radiator repair materials or the feasibility of teleportation, the Dude simply shapes and fine tunes the material until it is to his liking. The fact is that Internet Content Providers' clients are always more than satisfied with the Content Dude's work, which is why he has money for Stoli, Kahlua, Milk, and bowling. But that is simply a symptom of his personal artistic integrity.

If you do what you're good at it, and you do your very best, and you do it just because, good things happen to you. The perception that I'm referring to here is related to the fact that it's been over a week since I posted on our blog. It may look like the Content Dude is not on top of things. Allow your mind to wander, it's okay...

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