Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Search Engine Karma & Collectivity

Most of us would like to find a quick path to success, and our financiers certainly want to see rapid returns on their investments, so this is built into the system. Finding a way to make money fast is not just unrealistic thinking or personal greed--it can the a means of economic survival. I am an honest and ethical Content Dude at heart, but I have to eat like everyone else, and I can't change the world (though God knows I have looked foolish at times trying). Mostly out of naivete, I have implemented SEO content techniques that are not grossly unethical, but just kind of annoying, over the last few years. Link building was taught to me by someone who had a lot of temporary monetary success with shill blogs. Those efforts did not yield the fruit that I would have liked, but all was not lost: I learned something.

Do think that there is such a thing as "search engine karma?" I do. Perhaps the intentions of the content writer impact the success of the content in capturing readers' attention and moving up the SERPs. If things are always evolving, even by the millisecond, it would seem to me that algorithmic functions that contain significant density could morph in ways that cannot be measured because they would change by the time you took the measurement. This is true even if you had the means to measure a rather abstract set of probabilities.

But that's not all. I posited the notion on the Terence McKenna message boards back around 1997 that the Internet is an external manifestation of Jung's collective unconscious. Further, it has become a vehicle of synchronicity.

In other words, when you have an intention and put it out on the Internet, which is what search engines capture, you get a series of results or possible "next steps." I am suggesting that this computing process is intertwined with the human consciousness now, and all of the same principles that the mystics have contemplated and recognized since the dawn of humanity are present when someone submits their consciousness to the Internet.

It is ego vs. transcendence to collective cooperation (Oneness). If you are in ego, you see the Internet and Google as entities that you can trick and spam for money. If you are in transcendence to collective cooperation, you see the Interent as a way to express yourself and your intentions and place them into the "cloud," as it were. If you are free of mental/intentional "blockages" (firewalls?) you will receive results that will lead you to the next step along the path of realizing your intentions.

Anyway, that's how I experience the Internet and life in general, and the Content Dude is all about keeping it real, so we have laid out some food for thought. In so doing we have risked our reputation as sane, middle of the road, safe thinkers, but what the hell, we want to work with people we like. Our Internet Content Providers SEO content tip of the day: keep you search engine karma clean, and good things will happen for you.

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