Thursday, August 27, 2009

Content Conveying Individuality

I have been writing a good bit of on-page content for a web design firm, and because I am contracted by them to write for their clients' sites, I haven't been getting the opportunity to speak with the companies that I'm writing about. I feel as though I have done a good job of conveying the rather stock message of "we provide quality goods or services at great prices, and our customer service is stellar." But, I think that truly good on-page content should answer a simple question: what sets your company apart from the many others who are offering the same thing?

I realize that larger corporations really don't have a soul, so there is no unique individuality that can be honestly conveyed. But the companies that I have been writing in behalf of are all small or relatively small businesses (mostly service companies) that are targeting a local demographic. I think that prospective customers would like to hear who you are, why you do what you do, and why they should choose you. If I as a content provider can make a compelling case in your behalf, your site should have a better than average conversion rate.

Many companies are sold on web design and SEO/SEM in a couple of meetings, and they trust that the "gurus" will provide content that will provide results. It's true that I can and do conduct keyword research and deploy content with the correct keywords in the proper density, and this does indeed help the site do well in the SERPs. But conversions are another matter. I'm not saying that stock "marketingspeak" is completely ineffective. I do however feel as though the best on-page content will let your customers know who you are, why you're good at what you do, and why you think that you deserve their business.

Here's where I am unique from others in the field. All of the above makes sense to me. But, I have no way of knowing if it's true, and I know for sure that it's not totally true. There may be some people who feel that content that is not stock is lacking in "professionalism." That's cool, because the whole concept of "professionalism" is laughable much of the time. It is often synonymous with disingenuous bullshit manifest in various different forms.

Anyway, it's almost time to go out for a few White Russians, followed by a couple of slices of pizza with garlic, anchovies and jalapenos. So, in closing, let me say that I am a content dude who believes that keeping it real will always yield the best results. But, I may be wrong.

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