Monday, August 31, 2009

Phish and Internet Content

I always liked the Grateful Dead, and I saw around a hundred Dead shows back in the day. As a writer, you had to respect the Dead's content a great deal. Robert Hunter is the best lyricist that I have ever heard, and Barlow is pretty good himself. However, toward the end of Garcia's life, I found that the music was lacking in energy and focus, and I became bored by it. At the last show that I ever attended, At the Oakland coliseum in 1993 (I think that was the year), Garcia was flubbing lyrics and missing licks, and I was leaning back in my chair lamenting the time and money I had wasted planning my vacation around this trip to Oakland.

The guy sitting next to me leaned over and said into my ear, "You should go see Phish." I took his advice and went to a Phish show at the Crest Theater in Sacramento. It was a pretty small venue, and it was nowhere near full. They played all of what I know now to be Gamehendge. I was in awe.

I went on to see quite a few shows after that, and must say that I have always loved Phish. Some would say that their lyrical content is lacking at times, and that may well be true, but all in all their lyrics are solid and interesting. The reason I am mentioning all of this here is that when I went to see Phish, most of the people seemed very real and not easily fooled. They were forward thinking. And now, many of the people who I was dancing with back in 1993 are people who are in a position to contract someone to write their content.

I don't wear a tie, and though I know how to do it, I avoid "corporate-speak" when ordinary English will do. I sometimes wonder why so many people are so idealistic though jaded and perhaps hopeful when they are young, but then, when they are in a position to make change, they don't have the courage to do so. I keep it real here knowing that I may be alienated potential clients because I feel in my heart that I will eventually win over the "right" clients and develop meaningful relationships that help to usher in a more genuine landscape here on the 'net.

Of course, like I always remind everyone (especially myself) this may not happen. And that's fine, the difference between bounty and the bare necessities can be boiled down to Popov or the Goose. And that isn't much at all in the big picture.

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