Sunday, October 25, 2009

Content For Websites

I have always approached writing content for websites in the same manner that I approach my creative writing: I aim for perfection. Writing articles and blog posts is somewhat different, but the writer in me just won't settle for anything less than the very best I can do...but I'm beginning to realize that the quality that I routinely provide exceeds what is truly necessary.

To bid for contracts competitively, I have to try to go as low as possible knowing that there are many others out there who are still going to be bidding lower. So, I win a very small percentage of the contracts I have been bidding on. But I know for sure that the value that I would provide via the quality of my work would exceeds the value that these potential clients are getting for their money when they give the work to someone else.

When you are writing content for websites you are creating the voice of the company on the Internet. There is a huge element of marketing savvy involved, and search engine optimization is a large part of it as well. This is going to be your identity on the web, the place where your customers can find you and learn about your offerings. Your on-page content needs to be sparkling, compelling, impeccable, and convincing.

You can't look at the prices that people are paying for bulk articles that are largely for SEO purposes and expect top notch, professionally written website content for the same amount. And if you settle for less to save a few bucks, I can guarantee you that the shoddy content will cost you infinitely more money in business lost than the amount of money you "saved" by contracting an inferior content provider.

Here at Internet Content Providers we deliver content for multiple purposes, including blog posts, article marketing pieces, eBooks, and of course on-page content for websites. We place an emphasis on quality, and if you really want your web presence to be effective, you should too. Give us a call at 706-354-0781 or simply drop us an email and we will work with you to make sure that you get the content you need at a price that is fair to us, and fair to you as well.

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