Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Internet Content Providers #1 In Google Serps

When I created this blog, I picked the name based on a personal SEO observation. It has always made sense to me that the purpose of keyword research is to find terms that get a significant number of searches that do not have much competition.

InternetContentProviders.net fit that description. The purpose of this post is to celebrate the fact that today the blog is #1 for the targeted search term. But there is another factor I would like to highlight.

I recently contended that PageRank really doesn't matter at all these days, and here is Internet Content Providers at #1 for the term with PR 0. There is a page from Hoovers.com that has held the first position since I started the blog that we just passed that has a PR of 4. This may be circumstantial evidence, but I think that the SERPs and PR are mutually exclusive entities and there is no reason to aspire to Google PR--what you want to do is stay on point, choose a relevant URL, and add quality content on a consistent basis.

Another note on PagePank that I recently recognized. This blog is pretty new, and because I am always writing content for clients I don't post here as much as I should. But, I have put much, much, much more time and effort into this blog than my Twitter identity, which is QualityContent. My Twitter home URL has a Google PageRank of 4, but this blog, which is about a few days (or hours, I don't remember) older, has a zero. It's all sophistry when it comes to PR.

I read recently that Google has dropped the Page Rank section from Webmaster Tools, so what we have been saying for some time seems to have become common knowledge. PageRank is meaningless, and Internet Content Providers is #1!

Note: Take this post with a grain of salt. It is just cool to get to the top spot.

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