Monday, December 14, 2009

Quality Content Is Money Well Spent

It is hard being a content dude these days. Fortunately, I have a foundational client that is a web design firm that recognizes the need to provide quality to their clients, and that keeps me on reasonably solid footing. To try to expand my business I am a member of some freelance sites, and there is a good bit of work available. But, it all goes back to the same lament that I had back when I first started this blog. People don't really care about quality, so they immediately look for the lowest bids and discard the rest. I won't work for nothing because I am educated, experienced, and dare I say somewhat talented at what I I get very little of the business that's out there. Yet, those who do select me are always happy with my work.

I respect the right that people have to spend their money as they see fit, but as a reasonably savvy web businessperson in my own right, I sincerely think that they are being penny wise and pound foolish. It is like starting a restaurant and looking for the cheapest chairs and the lowest quality ground beef you can find because after all, you are a "start up" and you're on a "tight budget." True, perhaps...but when your first customers stop by and they are uncomfortable in their seats and not enjoying the greasy burgers, how long will that money that you "saved" by scrimping on your infrastructure keep you afloat? I'm thinking maybe a week..?

The content on your site is the voice of your business, and you need to put your best foot forward and gain the trust of your visitors with well written, compelling, and convincing content. People are very stuck on keywords, and I used to be too because that's what I was told was important. But you don't need to try to fit your content around a slew of awkward key terms. Yes, you do have to let the bots know what you sell (and where you sell it), but that is going to happen naturally. Good content writers need to keep the keywords in the back of their minds, but the true goal is to simply write honest, straightforward, and convincing content and the rest will take care of itself.

In the end, if the site in question has something people want to buy at a price they are willing to pay, a good content writer will be able to get their message across without keyword stuffing, and the business will prosper. If the client is not offering value to their customers, guess what? You can try, but you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, and they will ultimately fail no matter how good the content is.

Many folks simply don't know the difference between truly good content and mediocre
copy written by a pretender. But I do. The solution is as simple as it is obvious. What you need to do is contract me to get your message across for you and kick back and tipple a White Russian (or Caucasian, if you prefer), secure in the knowledge that the Content Dude is at the helm with a steady if relaxed hand.

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